without stops

The poem as ‘elevator pitch’ in free fall from the seventieth floor of one’s emotions.

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TC said...


Is this another one of your hanging curve balls? The hitter, expecting something else, is fooled into thinking he is not fooled. And makes a fool of himself.

Then there was the "eephus pitch," a mesmerizing and discombobulating slow delivery one remembers from the days of childhood (Wisconsonian Glaciation). Can that be it? No, too slow.

Emotions in free fall...seventy floors... now technically an elevator pitch has to be delivered in 30 seconds and contain 100 to 150 words... whereas your deliveries would render most elevator pitchmen garrulous in comparison.

Speed dating is said to resort to the elevator pitch, but where's the love? "I left it on the seventieth floor".

(It's sweet of you to drop the bottom out of the language of venture capitalism like this, collapsing it into poetry... yet more testimony to your possession of that rare thing, perfect pitch.)