no there there

A poet must learn to shun inspiration toward trivial purposes.


Anonymous said...

You failed you say? My friend, there are plenty of others in the world willing to call you a failure. A dumb fool. A blockheaded dolt. An ignorant loser. A half-witted twerp. A bird-brained airhead. A boring fatheaded drudge. A clowning buffoon. A double-dumb ass. An addle-brained mooncalf. A bumbling laughingstock. A meaningless Muppet. A chuckleheaded oaf. A boneheaded stumblebum. A simple clot. A dunderheaded dullard. A dippy dunce. A childish clodpoll. A lopsided dupe. A moronic cretin. A deadheaded dimwit. A misshaped dork. A confounded dodo. A stupid donkey. An uninspired doofus. A dumb dope. A dim-witted dummkopf. A gold-plated dummy. An asinine dunce. A harebrained blunderer. A hammer headed dumbbell. An imbecilic ignoramus. A useless dithering fop. A hard-headed jackass. A know-nothing knucklehead. A lame-brained loon. A laughable muggings. A lump of mutton. A nonsensical booby. A lunk-headed goof. A meat-headed moron. A lackadaisical ninnyhammer. A moronic misfit. A noodle-brained nerd. A meat-grinding mutt. A nodding-ninny. A chowder-headed clunker. A shallow dunder-pate. A cretinous numbskull. A pinheaded simpleton. A bucolic jabbernowl. A ridiculous dolt. A featherbrained nitwit. A drivelling goof-ball. A dumb turkey. A woodenhead yo-yo. A hopeless meathead. An utter mongrel. A complete pratt. A half-witted nincompoop. A waste of space. A bird-brained diamond geyser. A lazy lackadaisical lunkhead. A stupid thick-headed goon. Don’t you ever say it of yourself. You send out the wrong signal. That is what people pick up on. Don’t you understand? If you care about something, you fight for it tooth and nail. If you hit a brick wall, you smash right through it. If you fall off your little wooden horse, you get right back up on it again. There is something you need to know about failure, my friend: You can never let it defeat you, or else.

JforJames said...

Quite a series. I've posted here nearly ten years...dauntlessly.