poetry is hypertext

A great poem is hypertext into the universal & eternal.


Ars Poetica Library (work in progress)

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I want to be left alone

Like Garbo, it's only the famous poet who wants to be left alone, who thinks poetry should be hiding itself in some secret bower where only the initiated need know where to find it.


definition refuted

Let your next poem openly refute your last definition of poetry.


good story

A good story can't be told badly.


uncomfortably suited

A poem is uncomfortably suited within any circumference of understanding.


voice and style

'Voice', as an attribute, is often ridiculed because it is mistaken for a poetic technique. But voice is nothing more than style inflected by one's favored themes and subject matter. And not unlike the word 'style', voice is used too often and used in place of the hard work of describing the characteristics of the writing under consideration.


don't turn your back on them

As poets we love words and won’t turn our backs on them. As poets we trust words but we don’t turn our backs on them.


pure or purple

Pure poetry so often flirts with the purple.


see into and overhear

The poet sees and sees into, hears and overhears.



If you analyze well your most poetic impressions and imaginings—the ones that most exalt you and pull you outside of yourself and of the real world—you would find that they and the pleasure they cause (at least after childhood) consist totally or chiefly in remembrance.

—Giacomo Leopardi, Zibaldone dei pensieri



Poet, be a word-breeder!


bookmark lost

A pity, but I couldn’t bear to go back into those pages even to save my favorite bookmark.